Joining Hands

To Conserve The Sri Lankan Leopard

Leopocon Sri Lanka is a nonprofit organization based in Sri Lanka devoted exclusively to the conservation of Sri Lankan leopards and their ecosystems.

Our Vision

We aspire to conserve the Sri Lankan Leopard and thereby secure its future in the country’s various landscapes.

Our Mission

Utilize human resources and methods for awareness-raising, education, and research to safeguard the country’s apex predator.

What We Do

One Year Through The Journey

What We Have Achieved

We act as the bridge between responsible people in the society and necessary authorities to pass on valuable information and throughout the last year, many successful raids conducted by the authorities, creating a barricade between dealers and racketeers while protecting leopards through acts of law. And carried out local researches regarding leopards in Sri Lanka.

Apart from that, we have been playing a major role in raising awareness in society about the conservation of both leopards and the environment as a whole. We have used digital and printed media, community awareness sessions, and public lectures for this. Also reached to many partner organizations and helped them by providing necessary information as well.

Our Advisory Team

Reputed environmental conservationist, active wildlife advocate, wildlife photographer, a founding member of the Wildlife Conservation Form and the owner of Thambapanni Publications.

Nayanaka Ranwella

Renowned leopard researcher and wildlife conservationist, working as the Head of Department of Natural Resources at Faculty of Applied Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.

Dr. Enoka Kudavidanage

Veteran lawyer and an authority on domestic environmental law, taking some of the most contentious environmental issues to Sri Lanka’s courts.

Dr. Jagath Gunawardana

Join Us To Protect Leopards

Leopocon is delighted to provide a platform to all the conservationists, environmentalists, nature lovers and anyone and everyone who is interested in being a part of our journey in conserving one of the most lithe and splendid creatures of mother nature, the leopards, specifically in Sri Lanka and to support us in conserving their ecosystems as well.


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