Why You Should Join as a Volunteer..?

Leopocon is delighted to provide a platform to all the conservationists, environmentalists, nature lovers and anyone and everyone who is interested in being a part of our journey in conserving one of the most lithe and splendid creatures of mother nature, the leopards, specifically in Sri Lanka and to support us in conserving their ecosystems as well.

Why choose Leopocon?

  • It is a leading non – profit organization that aims to conserve leopards who are at the risk of being extinct
  • Leopocon provides adequate and appropriate information and training in expanding your interest in conserving the wonders of nature
  • We are prepared to provide the Sri Lankan leopards the freedom they deserve by eliminating the snares and other threats aimed towards this species

What are the benefits you get?

  • Gather knowledge about leopards and their ecosystems
  • Associate with the experts in the field
  • Be a helping hand to preserve the wonders of nature
  • Travel around the country looking for leopards and identify their ecosystems
  • Be the voice behind the roar of leopards seeking justice